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Two Days Ride

Two Days Ride

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                                                                 Colin Kaepernick.

Throwback Album: Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies

Do you remember what you were doing in 2002? Flogging Molly had just released ‘Drunken Lullabies’ and I was in 10th grade. As a matter of fact, Flogging Molly was my first big concert. I got a flat time on the way, my cousin started a slow clap which carried through the entire venue, and some 250+ pound dude in a kilt punched my back to the beat of the drums all night. I also exchanged an e-mail with the drummer at one point. But that’s enough about me, lets share some songs!

I guess it’s only proper that I post the title track for the album. I’d just like to point out that the guy in this music video has great sideburns, although I’m not really feeling his double belt thing.

The next song I’ll share is called ‘Swagger’. The only reason I’m posting this song is because Flogging Molly was using the word in 2002, long before BET.

Finally, one of the best songs on the entire album (in my opinion), ‘The Son Never Shines (On Closed Doors)’. I think this might be the first time I recall hearing a mandolin. Enjoy.

Unfortunately, I realized after I finished this entry that none of the videos will play from Tumblr. If you click the nifty link to YouTube, you can enjoy these songs. If not, then whatever, you’re lazy and don’t deserve to hear great music. 

Whoa, it just clicked that this album was released 10 years ago. Weird.

Throwback Album: Comeback Kid - Wake the Dead

Lets go back to 2005 and listen to Comeback Kid’s second album, Wake the Dead. There are three songs in particular that I want to share.

The album begins with ‘False Idols Fall,’ which touts lyrics such as “all my heros are dead” and “false idols fall away.” It sets up the mindset for the album, being Canadian and loving hockey. 

The next song I want to share is the albums title track, ‘Wake the Dead.’ This was without a doubt the catchiest song off the album. Half of the music video is some dumb guy in a Frankensteins Monster mask but the other half is a Comeback Kid’s show. Unfortunately there isn’t any dancing in the video (which would have been fitting) but there’s more than enough gang vocals and honestly, isn’t that what hardcore music is all about? GANG VOCALS!

Lastly, I’m going to share ‘Partners in Crime’ for the simple fact that I love the drums during the first 10-seconds. I’m not sure if it’s a love song about a girl or his best bro who sold-out but I could care less, those drums at the beginning are sick.

Thanks for a great album, Comeback Kid. 

Doucher of the Week

                                                           MARIO BALOTELLI

Burgers, M83, & Graveyards


I hadn’t planned on doing anything yesterday, I’m glad I changed my mind. I got the invite around noon and a few hours later I was in a vehicle heading to see M83. After making the poor life decision of not going to an ATM before I met up with everybody AND not peeing before we left the house, we arrived at Yeah! Burger. Miles has been raving about this place and I’ll admit it, he was pretty spot on. Great burger. Great fries. Terrible beer. It’s pretty much the “pre-concert staple”. 

Whoops, I suppose I should at least mention who went to the show, how terribly rude of me. In attendance we had Miles Greathouse, Matt Wink, Robert Battle and Tyler McDaniel. The show was outside at The Masquerade. I’ve probably been to 50+ shows at The Masquerade and never once have I seen a band outside there. The sound wasn’t great but the atmosphere was spot on. Also, I admit that before yesterday I had never listened to M83. These guys put on a hell of a show. From the lights, to their energy, to the music itself, all incredible. I would recommend seeing them everyone.

The concert ended and we decided that instead of heading home early, we’d go to The Porter. If you haven’t been to The Porter in Little 5 Points, go. Hell, go right now. They were having an Allagash takeover and although I’m not a huge Allagash fan, I rehydrated on a Little Big Beer. It was 8-oz of 10.5% averageness. Other beers were consumed but instead of continuing with beer details, I’ll jump ahead to the adventure part of the night. 

While driving home we decided to stop at a secret graveyard I know about. Since I don’t want everyone finding out about it, I’ll just mention that it’s off 185 and behind a Shell gas station. It’s by no means the oldest graveyard, but it does have bodies from the 1800’s and it’s hidden, so it’s pretty cool in my book. Robert got carried away, like always, and as a result will be haunted for the rest of his days. We also decided to all play “who can go the furthest into the woods”. This is one of those games where there are no winners and I eventually left covered in blood. Other than the sing-a-longs, being reunited with old friends, making new friends, and eating some great popcorn, everything is covered. It was a great Monday that I’ll halfway remember. 

Nearly Forgotten… Until Now — Abandoned Amusement & Water Parks

I’ve been gone for a few months, so I decided to come back with a piece I’ve been toying with the idea of. I stumbled across a park called Gulliver’s Kingdom and it inspired me to search out some other abandoned amusement parks. These parks are left alone in their demise; their only companions are dust, animals, and perhaps the occasional vandal. I wanted to give them another chance at life. I wanted to let them know that other people are still aware of their existence. And most importantly, I wanted to show others how badass these places are (were). There were tons of different places to choose from, but these are the one’s that caught my attention:

1. Prypiat Amusement Park - Prypiat, Ukraine

Perhaps you’ve heard of Prypiat, Ukraine. If not, it was once home of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Yes, that’s the same plant that exploded releasing tons of radiation into the atmosphere. It’s estimated that 30,000-200,000 will die from cancer due to this single event. Prypiat Amusement Park opened on the same day as the Chernobyl explosion. I suppose this constitutes as the shortest running amusement park, EVER. The city of Prypiat is still abandoned, a literal ghost town. Radiation is still present in high amounts, meaning this town will drift away into history. 

2. Six Flags New Orleans/Jazzland - New Orleans, Louisiana

This park began as Jazzland before Six Flags took over the lease. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the park and it has been abandoned since. There are reports that before Katrina struck, SFNO was to be turned into a water park. Unfortunately, they got the wrong kind of water. This park is believed to be reopened at some point in the future, yet as of now, it’s a continual reminder that nature always prevails.

3. Wonderland - Beijing(ish), China

Lets face it, when it comes to abandoned amusement parks, China takes the cake. The list of deserted amusement/water parks goes on-and-on, this one really caught my attention because it never opened. Let me say that again, it never opened. The shell is there, but that’s it. Apparently, funding dried up and disputes with the government/local farmers caused Wonderland to be a bust. From what I’ve read, the farmers have moved back in and the amusement park is their backdrop. 

4. Dogpatch USA - Marble Falls, Arkansas

I chose this park for the simple fact that it’s located in Arkansas and themed around hillbilly’s. It’s not everyday that you’re able to say that, it feels good. From what I’ve read, this park operated for 25-years, which is incredible when you think about it being in Arkansas. There’s really not much to add, I just thought it was interesting that Arkansas had an amusement park at one point in time.

5. Water Park, Russia - God Knows Where, Russia

I’m not sure what the name of this park is, hell, I’m not even sure it ever had a name. It was supposed to be 12 stories tall. I don’t know how tall most water slides are in America, but a 12 story water slide sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Luckily for the soon to be dead patrons, this park never opened. Now all that remains are the eerie structures of what could have been. Mother Russia, you’ve failed again.

6. Chippewa Lake Park - Chippewa Lake, Ohio

This place dates back to 1878! It had a great run but eventually it closed up, along with many other attractions of old. What’s unique (and why it made this list), is that after it closed, everything remained. The woods ate up the relics that once brought joy to children and adults-alike. Slowly, one attraction after another met its end, however the ferris wheel and ticket booth remain in their glory. It’s a beautiful image when you actually stop and think about it. RIP, Chippewa Lake Park.

7. Styx River Water World - Loxley, Alabama

I had no idea this place even existed. Not that I should because I’m not from that part of Alabama, but it’s interesting to think that it once existed. Information on Styx River Water World wasn’t easy to come by. I suppose that’s because it’s in a town of 1,300 people. It supposedly was in operation from 1977-1993. I wish I had more to add to this place, but there’s almost no material on it. I saw a few desolate pictures and my heart went out to it. Truthfully, I can say this entry brought me more pain than any of the other places mentioned. But hey, that might be because a sad Bob Seger song was playing.

8. Gulliver’s Kingdom - Mount Fuji, Japan

I decided to save the best for last. The park that first inspired me to write this post, Gulliver’s Kingdom. It was built at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan’s epic volcano. Within 4 years, this park was destroyed and left to rot. It seems like the unluckiest amusement park ever and I wonder if it brought more joy or pain for those who visited it. For some reason, it was build next to Aokigahara, which is known as Japan’s “suicide forest”. It’s the second most popular place in the world to commit suicide. Doesn’t seem like a great location to build a theme park. However, if that’s not enough, do you remember the 1995 subway attack in Japan carried out by Aum Shinrikyo? If you don’t, allow me to remind you. They used Sarin, a poisonous gas, which killed 19 people and injured MANY more. Well, their headquarters were located in the village next to Gulliver’s Kingdom. I can’t make this up. Have you ever heard of a park that was more destined for failure? Oh yeah, did I mention it also had a bobsled track and a luge course? Yeah, enjoy.

I felt like all of the places mentioned needed this list more than I needed them. This could be one of the last times they’re written about before they’re lost to history. To every park, developer, customer, and employee, I’m sorry for your loss. To future parks learn from their mistakes. If not, we could see a Part 2 in a few years. 

Auburn Football - Week 1 Recap

Week 1: Utah State University

Before I start ranting about this weekend, I want to think Messner’s and all of the Auburn fans who showed up. I met some great new people and feel like I’ve grown my Auburn Family. It was a solid turnout and there was a lot of excitement in the bar. I’m looking forward to spending the entire season with y’all.

Now on to the actual game: I don’t know if I should start with individual players or break it down from Quarter to Quarter. I think I’ll just rant and hope that it makes sense to whoever reads this.

I was very impressed with Barrett Trotter. I’ve been one of his biggest critics since day one. I didn’t trust him after the two knee surgeries. I didn’t trust him because of all the time he spent on the bench. Hell, I didn’t trust him because he has a white boy fro. Regardless, I was proven wrong. He had really good numbers in his first start. 17/23, 3 TDs and 0 interceptions. Those are numbers that can’t be denied, he played a hell of a game and that touchdown pass to Lutz with 2:07 changed everything for us. I loved seeing those two connect. 

Emory Blake, you continue to impress me. You had some big receptions but none bigger than the onside kick you recovered. Your hands continue to get better and better, you’re a leader on the offensive side of the ball, War Eagle. Stallworth, this is the first time we’ve seen you play. I have to admit it, you looked really good out there. I haven’t seen an Auburn team with this many receivers in a very long time. Boys, if we can keep this up, we’ll put up big numbers all year, atleast when it comes to throwing the ball. 

Running backs. Running Back U. Dyer. McCalebb. Smith. Gentleman. We’ve got to work on this. I understand that we have a young offensive line, but Trotter had time to release the ball, we’ve gotta work on finding holes and getting to the outside. I’ve seen y’all do it. If it weren’t for y’all, there are a few games we wouldn’t have won last year. Y’all have it in you, lets hope it’s ready by next week.

Defensively, we looked like complete shit. Absolutely pathetic. I can’t even describe it. It had to have been one of the worst displays I have ever seen in my life. We weren’t making tackles. We couldn’t stop the pass to save our damn lives. And there’s NO reason Utah State should be able to run the ball for 139 yards against us. We’ve got Mississippi State next week. This isn’t your older brothers Mississippi State. This isn’t a Mississippi State that wins 4 games a year and is satisfied with it. This is a Mississippi State team that’s out to kick our asses, and you know what, they’ve got a damn good chance at doing it if we play like that again. If we can’t figure up how to clog up the middle and get some pressure on the quarterback, we can kiss away 2-0. We can kiss away the longest winning streak in the country. We can even kiss away our streak against Mississippi State. I don’t know about the rest of Auburn Nation, but losing isn’t something I want to get used to. It hurt going 5-7 two years ago. I don’t want to remember those days. I want to put them behind me, for good. 

I’m interested in what Coach has to say to our boys. I would have loved to have been in that locker room after the game on Saturday. I’d love to have been at practice today. I’d love to see what type of motivation we’re using for Saturday. Because believe me boys, Saturday will be here before we know it and it’s going to be a battle. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

War Eagle.

8 More Days

It’s getting close to that time of year again. Soon the leaves will turn brown and people will start discussing Halloween costumes. But before any of that happens, football rolls to town. It’s when households and friendships are put to the test. If you can still look your Alabama & Georgia friends in the eye after a full season, well, that’s a bond that will be difficult to break.

This will be my first year away from The Plains. It’s starting to hit me that I won’t be able to attend any games, hangout on Adam’s couch, or enjoy games at the bars with my friends. It’s a difficult pill to swallow. I’m in a city that loves the Big 10, after that they love the Big 12. Plainly speaking, they hate the SEC. They think we’re hillbillies, overrated, and don’t understand our traditions. Unfortunately for them, it won’t stop me from wearing my colors and yelling “War Eagle” all season long. I can nearly taste Utah State next Saturday. I’ll take my happy self to the Auburn bar and meet with my Auburn Family, my EXTENDED Auburn Family. We’ve all been displaced from the place we love, we’re all stuck with Yankees, but it won’t detour our love and dedication.

I’m eager for College Gameday, trash talk, and the thrill of a 4th Quarter battle. I can’t wait to enjoy beer with other people decked out in orange, highfiving the person next to you and hugging complete strangers after a close win.

Dear College Football, I’ve missed you and I love you. Thank you for being eight days away. Thank you for the excitement you carry with you. And most importantly, thank you for my Auburn Tigers.

War Damn